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Chibana Chōshin Sensei

Hanshi, Jū Dan, 10th Dan
The Founder of Kobayashi lineage of Shōrin Ryū
1885 — 1969


1885 — Born in Shuri, Okinawa on June 5.

1900 ~ 1915 — Trained under Itosu Ankō, until his teacher's death.

1920 — Opened his first training hall in Shuri, and a second one in Naha City.

1945 — Almost perished during the Battle of Okinawa, the last battle of World War II, in which most of the buildings on the island (including Shuri Castle) were destroyed.

1945 ~ 1958 — Served as Chief Karate Instructor for Shuri Police Department.

1956 — Became the 1st President of the Okinawa Karate Dō Federation.

1956 — Received the tittle of Hanshi, given by the Dai Nippon Butokukai.

1960 — Received the 1st Sports Award from the Okinawa Times Newspaper, in recognition to his life-long accomplishments in traditional Okinawan Karate.

1961 — Formed the first Shōrin Ryū Karate Dō Association and became its first President.

1968 — Received the Kunyonto, 4th Order of the Sacred Treasure, given by the Japanese Emperor, in honor to his contributions to Okinawan Karate.

1969 — Passed away on February 26 at age of 83.

Written by Jimmy Mora


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