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Higa Yūchoku Sensei

Hanshi, Jū Dan, 10th Dan
The Founder of Kyūdōkan
1910 — 1994


1910 — Born in Naha, Okinawa on February 4.

1927 — Started training Shōrin Ryū under his father's senior student: Jiro Shiroma.

1933 — Continued training under his father.

1935 — Began learning Ti under Jinan Shinzato (senior student of Miyagi Chōjun) and later continued his training under Miyagi Chōjun Sensei.  At the time, Miyagi Sensei's training was focused on Ti rather than a standard Gōjū Ryū style. 

1939 — Organized three sport teams for the City of Naha: Baseball, Judō and Karate.

1940 — Assistant instructor at the Karatejutsu club, under the direction of Jinan Shinzato and Shinjo Shiroma.

1945 — Began training Shōrin Ryū under Chibana Chōshin Sensei and became his Deshi and Assistant Instructor. 
At the end of World War II, many Karateka died in the Battle of Okinawa.  Since Miyagi Chōjun Sensei was no longer interested in teaching Ti, most of his teachings were focused on Gōjū Ryū kata.  Therefore, Higa Yūchoku dedicated himself to learning Shōrin Ryū under Chibana Sensei.

1946 — Founded his own Dōjō: Shōrin Ryū Kyūdōkan.

1961 — Became the Vice-President of first Shōrin Ryū Karate Dō Association, headed by Chibana Chōshin.

1962 — Zenokikuren's Shōrin Ryū representative.

1976 — Received the rank of Jū Dan, 10th Dan.

1994 — Passed away in Okinawa at age 84.


Written by Jimmy Mora


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