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ジャンマリ ∙ ペリエー - 経歴

Jean-marie Perrier − Biographical Note

Mr. Jean-marie Perrier begins Karate in a traditional Dōjō in Lyon, France.  Motivated by curiosity, he changes to another Dōjō to discover various aspects of sports karate. 

In 1997, he obtains the grade of Sho Dan in Shotokan style.  After posing many questions and as a result of the training he received from his teacher, he plans a trip to Japan in search of the truth.

In 2002, during his visit to Okinawa, he has an unforgettable meeting... That of Onaga Yoshimitsu Sensei, founder of the Shinjinbukan School.  After this event, Mr. Perrier found help from Mr. Jimmy Mora (a direct student of Onaga Sensei) who was kind enough to pass to him more of the Shinjinbukan teachings.  more.

At the same time, Mr. Perrier acquired his Ni Dan and San Dan in Shotokan style as well as his sports teacher Brevet d’état (French National certification).  He made several trips overseas to attend International Gasshuku (Training camps Camps): New York and Seatlle in 2006 et Lettonie en 2007.

In 2008 and for the first time, Mora Sensei visited Jean-marie Perrier in France. In that occassion and with the approval of Onaga Sensei, he awarded Jean-marie the grade of 1st Kyū from the Shinjinbukan School.  Read more

In January 2010, Mr. Perrier received the Sho Dan / 1st Dan (1st Degree Black Belt) from the Shinjinbukan School. He was promoted to Ni Dan / 2nd Dan in February 2012. Mr. Perier was promoted to San Dan (3rd Dan) in August 2014. The three certificates were awarded by Onaga Yoshimitsu Kaichō, the founder of the Shinjinbukan School in Okinawa, Japan. For reference, see Credentials (Certificates)

For more information, please contact Mr. Jean-marie Perrier by email at:


Gasshuku — Training Camps

Mr. Perrier has participated in numerous Shinjinbukan Gasshuku (Training camps):

冬合宿、神人武館ニューヨーク支部道場、アメリカ合衆国 − 2006年1月

Winter Gasshuku, Shinjinbukan New York Shibu Dōjō, USA — January 2006

In January 2006, the Shinjinbukan New York Shibu Dōjō was visited by Mr. Jean-marie Perrier from Lyon, France, who is currently undergoing a two-year Instructor certification program in France. This certification program is mandatory by law in all Dōjōs offering classes to the general public in France. Jean-marie met Onaga Kaichō on October 18, 2002, while visiting Okinawa and was invited to train for a few days at the Shinjinbukan Honbu Dōjō. For the next four years, he continued practicing all the drills that he learned during his visit to Okinawa; and at the same time maintained his regular martial arts training. During Jean-marie's visit to New York, he reviewed his knowledge of the Shinjinbukan System and learned new parts of our curriculum.    Read more

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夏合宿、ニューヨークとシアトル − 2006年8月

Summer Gasshuku, New York and Seattle — August 2006

In August 2006, Jean-marie Perrier visited Sensei Daniel Kogan in Seattle and Jimmy Mora in New York. He spent a total of ten days training and meeting several Shinjinbukan members in Canada and the United States. Currently, Jean-marie is a Shinjinbukai Affiliate member and a Karate instructor based in Lyon, France. Here are a few pictures from Jean-marie's visit to New York and Seattle.     Read more

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夏合宿、リ ガ、ラトビア − 2007年7月

Summer Gasshuku, Riga, Latvia — July 2007

On July 25th, 2007, Onaga Yoshimitsu Kaichō traveled to visited the Republic of Latvia from Okinawa, accompanied by his daughter Onaga Michiko Sensei, and by Arakaki Shunichi Sensei. Also in attendance, were Jimmy Mora from New York City; Jean-marie Perrier from Lyon, France; and members of Club Neguss, headed by Sensei Eriks Annuskans. This event was posible thanks to the support of Dr. Artis Pabriks and several other private donors.     Read more

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冬合宿、リヨン、フランス − 2008年1月

Winter Gasshuku, Lyon, France — January 2008

Mr. Jean-marie Perrier organized a private Gasshuku and hosted Jimmy Mora Sensei in Paris and Lyon, France. Mr. Perrier has been actively involved with the Shinjinbukan School as a "Shinjinbukai Affiliate Member" for several years and he is also a certified Karate instructor San Dan (3rd Dan) in the French Karate Federation. During my visit to France, Mr. Perrier received the rank of first Kyū (I Kkyū) from the Shinjinbukan School with the approval from Onaga Kaichō. This testing was part of the process that Jean-marie followed from being an Affiliate member (Shinjinbukai) towards becoming a full-fledged Shinjinbukan member at some point in the future.     Read more

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秋合宿、神人武館ニューヨーク支部道場、アメリカ合衆国 − 2009年10月

Autumn Gasshuku, New York City — October 2009

In October 2009, Mr. Jean-marie Perrier from Lyon, France visited the Shinjinbukan New York Shibu Dōjō.     Read more

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冬合宿、リヨン、フランス − 2010年1月

Winter Gasshuku, Lyon, France — January 2010

Our 2010 Winter Gasshuku (training camp), coordinated by Mr. Jean-marie PERRIER, started on January 6th, and concluded with a public seminar on January 9th. Our Gasshuku was hosted by the Karaté Boxing Club (KBC) d’Albigny, thanks to the generous support of its President and Founder, Mr. Denis DE MARINIS. The KBC Dōjō is located in Albigny sur Saône, a suburb 15 km away from the center of Lyon. This was our first Shinjinbukan public event in France, with more than twenty active participants present, in spite of disastrous weather conditions and public transportation being cancelled.     Read more

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夏合宿、神人武館アウグスブルク道場、ドイツ − 2010年7月

Summer Gasshuku, Shinjinbukan Augsburg Dōjō, Germany — July 2010

On July 24, I was honored to welcome the first attendants of the Augsburg Pre-Gasshuku to arrive to my Dōjō in Ottmarshausen. This training camp was intended to prepare both experienced Shinjinbukan members and first-time guests for their encounter with Onaga Sensei at the Latvia Summer Gasshuku.     Read more

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夏合宿、神人武館リガ道場、ラトビア − 2010年7月

Summer Gasshuku, Shinjinbukan Riga Dōjō, Latvia — July 2010

The 2010 Shinjinbukan Summer Gassshuku in Latvia was taught by Onaga Yoshimitsu Kaichō and Arakaki Shunichi Sensei.  It was hosted by Dr. Artis Pabriks and attended by participants from Latvia, United States, France, Germany, Italy and Israel.     Read more

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秋合宿、カザーレ・モンフェッラート道場、イタリア − 2010年10月

Autumn Gasshuku, Casale Monferrato, Italy — October 2010

From October 8th to 10th, 2010, Sensei Jimmy Mora (New York City, USA) taught a Gasshuku in Casale Monferrato, located near Milan, Italy.  This event was hosted by our Shinjinbukai Affiliate in Italy, Sensei Luca Simonetti, exclusively for the European Shinjinbukan members.     Read more

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春合宿、リヨン、フランス − 2011年4月10日

Spring Gasshuku, Lyon, France — April 10th, 2011     Read more

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夏合宿、神人武館リヨン道場、フランス − 2011年6月

Summer Gasshuku, Lyon, France — June 2011

This gasshuku was hosted by Jean-marie Perrier and Ludovic Soler at the Shinjinbukan Lyon Dōjō and focused on training the basics of Kakie.     Read more

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秋合宿、リヨン、フランス − 2011年11月25日

Autumn Gasshuku, Lyon, France — November 25, 2011     Read more

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冬合宿、リヨン、フランス − 2012年3月31日

Winter Gasshuku, Lyon, France — March 31st, 2012

The Shinjinbukan Lyon Dōjō organized a public seminar on taught by Sensei Jean-marie Perrier, who was assisted by Ludovic Soler.  Read more

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春合宿、リヨン、フランス − 2012年4月27日

Spring Gasshuku, Lyon, France — April 27, 2012

In April 2012, the Shinjinbukan Lyon Dōjō organized a few public seminars taught by Sensei Jimmy Mora, who was assisted by Sensei Jean-marie Perrier and Ludovic Soler.  Read more

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夏合宿、神人武館本部道場、沖縄 − 2012年5月14日〜6月9日

Summer Gasshuku, Shinjinbukan Honbu Dōjō, Okinawa — May 14 to June 9, 2012

From May 14 to June 9, 2012, several members of our Shibu visited the Shinjinbukan Honbu Dōjō in Okinawa. The members of our group were Jimmy Mora (USA), Jean-marie Perrier and Ludovic Soler from France; and Melanie Petrak and Christian Streicher from Germany. Onaga Yoshimitsu Kaichō welcomed our group and was happy to teach us.    Read more

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冬合宿、トリエステ、イタリア − 2012年12月1〜2日

Winter Gasshuku, Trieste, Italy — December 1 - 2, 2012

On December 1 - 2, 2012, the first Shinjinbukan public Gasshuku in Italy was taught by Jimmy Mora Sensei. This event was coordinated by our Shinjinbukai Affiliate Sensei Luca Simonetti and sponsored by Sensei Anne Devivi. Also in attendance were Shinjinbukan members from France: Jean-marie Perrier and Ludovic Soler, as well as Melanie Petrak from Germany.      Read more

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Shōmeisho — Credentials (Certificates)

Ni Dan / 2nd Dan

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Sho Dan / 1st Dan

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