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Miyagi Chōjun Sensei

Hanshi, Ju Dan, 10th Dan
The Founder of Gōjū Ryū
1888 — 1953


1888 — Born in Naha City, Okinawa on April 25.

1902 — Began Karate training under Kanryo Higaonna.

1905 — Traveled to Fuchou, Fukien province, China

1908 — Returned to Okinawa to complete mandatory military service.

1915 ~ 1917 — Traveled back to Fuchou, China. Studied Fukien version of Shaolin Kung Fu.

1917 — Returned to Okinawa to promote his art.

1933 —The name Gōjū Ryū was used for the fisrt time at a Martial Arts demonstration in Kyoto, Japan.

1953 — Miyagi Chōjun Sensei passed away on October 8th. 

Written by Jimmy Mora


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