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Yagi Meitoku Sensei

Hanshi, Jū Dan, 10th Dan
The Founder of Meibukan
1912 — 2003


1912 — Born on March 6th.

1926 ~ 1953 — Began his training under Miyagi Chōjun Sensei until his teacher's death in 1953.

1956 — Founded the Meibukan School of Okinawa Gōjū Ryū and The Okinawa Gōjū Kai.

1963 — Received the Menkyo Kaiden, as the official successor to the Gōjū Ryū System, as well as Miyagi Sensei's Karate Gi (uniform) and Obi (belt).

1986 — Received the Nigen Kokuho, Living National Treasure, from Emperor Hirohito for his contributions to Okinawan Karate.

1988 ~ 1989 — Chun-Ji (Chinese Chess), Japanese National & World Champion.

1993 — The Okinawan Prefecture awarded him the First Okinawan Karate Prize.

1997 — The Okinawan Prefecture declared him Intangible Cultural Asset.   

2000 — Received the Medal of Merit awarded from the Naha City administration.

2003 — Passed away on February 3rd, 2003.

Written by Jimmy Mora


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